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Leading bus manufacturer, Mellor, supplies Kingstown Works Ltd / Hull City Council with 12 new Strata accessible buses

Mellor has delivered 12 new Strata High Floor Buses to Kingstown Works Ltd (KWL) / Hull City Council (HCC) to improve transportation for young people with disabilities in response to the growing need for more inclusive transport routes.

The new Mellor buses are wheelchair accessible and have been designed to provide a comfortable and safe ride for up to 16 seated passengers or up to 7 wheelchairs + 2 passenger seats per vehicle.
Mellor’s Strata High Floor bus is designed to meet the needs of passengers with additional mobility requirements to ensure a safe, comfortable journey for all, no matter their needs. Committed to making real changes to how communities can access transportation services, Mellor’s delivery to KWL / HCC marks a step towards a more inclusive transport route for the city. Their main use will be to provide transportation services for young people with disabilities who require assistance getting to and from school.

Jane Dransfield, Area Manager for Mellor, said: “At Mellor, we’re immensely proud to provide accessible and sustainable transport solutions that directly improve our communities. KWL’S / HCC’s latest acquisition of 12 new accessible buses is a clear testament to our commitment in action.

“Our buses are designed for comfort and safety, ensuring a smooth ride for up to 16 passengers, especially young people with disabilities travelling to and from school. We’re here to make accessible travel a reality for all residents, and these vehicles are a tangible step toward that goal. We’re thrilled to be a part of Kingston upon Hull’s journey towards better, more inclusive transportation, and are passionate about connecting communities one accessible bus at a time.”

Councilor Mark Ieronimo, Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Roads, and Highways said: “These new buses will allow young people with disabilities to travel in more comfort. The buses can be configured inside to take more wheelchair users and there is also air conditioning, which will provide a much nicer environment. This shows that the council is committed to looking after our young people, particularly those who have disabilities, and making sure that their journeys to school are much more pleasant.”

Councilor Linda Tock, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services, said: “The Council is extremely committed to providing accessible transportation services for all residents across the city. Upwards of 1,300 children are transported to and from school each day in Hull, so easy access to transport is essential.

“As a local authority, we believe that investing in accessible transportation will remove barriers to education for young people with disabilities and enable them to reach their full potential. These new buses will help us achieve that goal and ensure that young children with disabilities have access to safe and reliable transport.”

The 12 Mercedes wheelchair-accessible vehicles have been funded by Kingstown Works Limited (KWL) ‘Fleet’, as part of its ongoing annual vehicle replacement program. The vehicles are on a full contact hire arrangement inclusive of full maintenance.

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