Low Floor Vehicles

The Strata Range

The premier size-appropriate vehicle choice for efficient, accessible transport.

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Supporting operators in delivering accessible, reliable transport whilst enjoying class-leading fuel economy and exceptional total cost of ownership.

30 Up to 30 passengers
2 Up to 2 wheelchair positions
22 Class leading 22 mpg

Low Cost of Ownership

With flexible seating capacity, class-leading fuel economy and exceptional total cost of ownership, the Strata range delivers unrivalled value, performance and passenger comfort. Innovative low-floor technology, configurable interiors and lightweight materials result in progressive size-appropriate vehicles that are as accessible as they are operationally efficient.


The Strata range is built on an outstanding low-frame chassis, which has undergone accelerated 8-year durability testing to ensure operator investment is rewarded by a lifetime of reliable ownership.


Innovative Low Floor Section

With an innovative low floor saloon area, space for up to 2 wheelchairs and a wide variety of configurable extras, the Strata is perfect for operators looking to change the way in which services are delivered whilst retaining low-floor accessibility and passenger comfort.

Low Cost of Ownership

Size Appropriate

The ultimate in groundbreaking size appropriate buses, every vehicle manufactured delivers excellence in passenger and operator experience. Mellor’s innovative range is designed to provide efficient, accessible and sustainable transport solutions, enhancing passenger comfort and maximising operational efficiency, all while reducing cost of ownership.

Low Emission Bus

LEB Certified

The Strata the smallest bus range to date to have met the stringent requirements of LEB certification which means operators also benefit from BSOG rebates under the government's LCEB scheme.

How much can you save

Try the Cost of Ownership Calculator

Operators can input annual mileage and fuel costs, along with fleet size, and the calculator will provide a total cost comparison showing the savings that can be achieved with a Strata when compared to a large single deck bus.

Try our Cost of Ownership Calculator

On board features

Wide Range of Accessories

Designed and manufactured from the ground up by Mellor using CAD-CAM technology, the Strata range is uniquely fit for purpose and boasts best-in-class accessibility, usability and technology features for both driver and passenger. These include wall and seat-mounted USB points, 10.2" touch screen navigation, a reversing camera and much more.

Light & airy interior

Passenger Comfort

While still being the perfect size for navigating rural routes and built-up streets alike, this small bus is spacious and configurable with class-leading seated passenger capacity, meaning that operators can maximise efficiencies whilst delivering a comfortable, convenient passenger experience.

Strata 8-Year Durability Test


22 Passengers

The optimised dimensions of the Strata allow ease of operation whilst navigating rural routes and built-up areas without compromising passenger numbers

Strata Plus

26 Passengers

A revolutionary low floor bus with increased seating capacity, making it ideal for busier routes. A modern, flexible vehicle engineered with class-leading capacity

Strata Ultra

30 Passengers

With enhanced seating capacity, class-leading fuel economy and exceptional total cost of ownership, the Strata Ultra delivers unrivalled value, performance and passenger comfort

Vehicle Specification


Mellor Low Frame

Engine Size







7760 / 8105 / 8775



Saloon Height


Saloon Length

5207 / 5810 / 6480

Saloon Width


Upper Saloon Height


Upper Saloon Length

2680 / 3025 / 3695

Lower Saloon Length


Entrance - Ventura Rapid Sliding Door



Rescroft CT Lite or Keil Ligero (others available on request)

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling

Eberspacher or Webasto

Rear Side Emergency door


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