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New Strata Low Floor Buses Enhance Transportation Connectivity in Goole Area

Mellor has recently supplied two Strata low-floor buses to bolster vital services in the Goole and Howden areas. The new Goole and Howden Hopper service marks a significant enhancement in transportation accessibility and convenience for both the local community and businesses.

The introduction of the Strata buses aims to improve connectivity by offering seamless transportation between Goole Station and major employment sites situated on the outskirts of town. A

dditionally, the service will connect with Howden Station, facilitating convenient travel options with regular train services to York, Leeds, London, and beyond.

Operated by local firm Sweyne Coaches, and facilitated through reputable leasing provider, Asset Alliance, the two Goole Town Deal-branded buses boast a seating capacity of 22 passengers each. These buses have been specifically hired to cater to the new service, ensuring comfortable and efficient transportation for commuters and travellers alike.

Funding for the new service is provided through the Goole Town Deal programme and is supported by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This initiative is part of the £2.4 million Station Hub project, aimed at bolstering Goole’s growth and anticipating increased visitors to the town centre. The project aims to create an enhanced transport hub and arrival/departure experience at Goole Station.

The Strata range stands out for its flexible seating capacity, class-leading fuel economy, and exceptional total cost of ownership. With innovative low-floor technology, configurable interiors, and lightweight materials, these buses offer unrivalled value, performance, and passenger comfort.

Despite their compact size, the Strata buses offer spacious interiors that can be configured to meet various operational needs, maximizing efficiency while ensuring a comfortable and

convenient passenger experience. This versatility makes them ideal for navigating both rural routes and built-up streets with ease.

The introduction of these new Strata low-floor buses represents a significant step forward in enhancing transportation connectivity and accessibility in the Goole area. Mellor, Sweyne Coaches, and all involved parties are committed to providing top-notch services that meet the evolving needs of the community and contribute to the region’s growth and development.

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