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Telford & Wrekin Council takes to the road with Mellor Orion

Telford & Wrekin Council has taken delivery of five new Mellor Orion buses as part of a vehicle replacement programme.


The Orions have been allocated to a number of functions within the council transport offering. They will provide specialist transport for children with disabilities for school and nursery runs.

Another key function of the buses is providing skills trips for older children to forest school, outward bound activities and the hydro pool for physio.  When not on school runs the vehicles will be used for the Dial-a-Ride and social shopper routes, which take elderly and disabled people in the community out to shopping and social activities. 

The vehicles have been specifically configured to provide optimum functionality and comfort for passengers, and all feature wheelchair access with low floors, power doors and seat belts. Each bus has the capacity to carry up to 16 passengers at a time, which is ideal for these local services.

Nicola White, Transport Manager at Telford & Wrekin Council, said:

“We specified the Orion with its ultra low-floor to offer our passengers the comfort and accessibility they need.

“We currently operate a fleet of 48 vehicles, 39 of which are low floor and 14 are Mellor. These five vehicles are replacements for buses that have recently been taken off the road, as they were no longer economical to maintain and operate.

“Our services are extremely important to many local residents ranging in age, with a variety of specialist needs, as well as accessibility for older members of the community some of who live in more remote areas of the borough.”

Fleet Transport Services Team

Each vehicle has been designed to be robust, meeting the requirements of the various community transport needs. The exceptional fuel economy makes the Orion the logical choice for cost conscious operators.

The bus features a number of practical elements to enhance passenger comfort and safety including, rapid slide electric door, front ramp with buzzer, fold out ramp to the rear, and additional storage boxes in the back.

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