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#SAVEYOURLOCALBUS Campaign Launches!

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Across the country, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to access the reliable transportation solutions they need. Research tells us that access to subsidised bus services is becoming tougher, with options for financial support seeing cuts of around 12% over the last twelve months. 

Part of the problem that local bus services has been facing, stems from an assumption that busses simply aren’t getting enough passengers. However, the truth is that today’s vehicles aren’t appropriately sized. As such, the #Saveyourlocalbus campaign aims to get the message out that introducing size-appropriate busses would help reduce the number of routes being axed. Size appropriate busses are not only cheaper to operate than traditional small buses, but they are also better for the environment as they emit lower Co2 emissions.

Do you want to support your local bus services? You can get involved with the #Saveyourlocalbus campaign today! Visit the website now, download your “campaign for better transport” guide, and help raise awareness by sharing the #Saveyourlocalbus image on social media!

#saveyourlocabus sharing image

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