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Merton Passenger Transport takes delivery of two new Mercedes Sprinters for welfare programme

The two vehicles have been commissioned to carry passengers who are either elderly and frail or have serious medical conditions, including brain injuries.

The Mercedes Sprinter based bus has 16 detachable Rescroft CT Lite seats and access for up to four or five wheelchairs. The reverse sonar in combination with the reverse bleeper will warn and assist both driver and pedestrians while manoeuvring the vehicle.

Fitted under the floor is a Ratcliff lift that, combined with the Eberspächer heating system, will guarantee a comfortable ride for all passengers in all weather conditions.

Ray McInnis, Passenger Operations Manager for Merton Passenger Transport, said:

“These two vehicles have been allocated to different welfare programmes for the council. The first vehicle will be used on a route where the client has serious medical issues and is transported to the Children’s Trust in Tadworth, which is a charity based centre for brain injuries.  We transport these clients in very heavy wheelchairs and they are at elevated risk during the journey, so the requirement for a smooth ride as well as climate control is of paramount importance for their needs.

“The second vehicle will be used to transport elderly clients to the day centre in Merton.  As the clients can be very frail, and often wheelchair users, it is essential that the vehicle is comfortable as well as accessible.

“In general, the feedback we have been getting from our drivers and passengers is that the vehicles are easy to drive and offer a smooth ride in a pleasant environmentally controlled climate.  The clients find accessing the vehicles to be easy and the rear lift secure. There is also plenty of room at the back, due to the long wheelbase, which provides the space needed for any additional medical equipment without having to remove any seats.”

National Sales Manager for Mellor, Stephen Haywood, added:

“This was an interesting order which had many factors to consider. The fact that our vehicles are flexible and can be easily reconfigured and modified to meet the customers’ needs is a huge benefit and allows us to offer the best solution for any situation.”

Merton Passenger Transport

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