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Mellor launches narrow width, lightweight Sigma 9 to broaden market offering in Europe

Mellor, a visionary for innovative bus design and manufacturing, is launching its Sigma 9 bus in Europe. This strategic move not only broadens Mellor’s market scope in the region, following the recent success of vehicle deliveries in Sweden and Germany, but also aligns with the global drive to achieve net-zero emissions.

Distinguished by its narrow width and lightweight construction, the all-electric Sigma 9 bus stands out in the market. With the extended Sigma offering, customers can choose the right vehicle for every bus route, from passenger capacity, to the length of the vehicle and optimal batteries. This will ultimately create a more efficient operation for customers.

Notably, the Sigma 9 requires just 60% of the battery power of a standard 12-meter bus, resulting in exceptional efficiency and significantly lower ownership and maintenance costs. With the flexibility of two battery options catering to diverse applications, the Sigma 9 boasts an impressive range of up to 300km and a gross vehicle weight of only 13 tonnes, with a 60-passenger capacity.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Sigma 8, in the UK, the Sigma 9 will debut alongside other pioneering members of the Sigma series at Busworld 2023 in Brussels from 7th to 12th October.

This expansion of the Sigma lineup aligns seamlessly with Europe’s push for accessibility and inclusivity. This vision of providing specialised care-needs transport resonates with Mellor’s commitment. Demonstrations are already lined up across Europe, with a UK new product launch planned later this year.

Gustavo Marqueta-Siibert, Group Business Development Director at WN VTech stated: “Our mission at Mellor is to provide specialised, sustainable passenger transport without compromising environmental responsibility. Our focus on appropriately sized vehicles exemplifies our commitment to efficiency and resource optimisation in our operations.

“The introduction of Sigma 9 in Europe is a significant stride in our global expansion strategy, further enriching our range of inclusive and sustainable transport solutions.”


As part of the WN VTech group, Mellor combines zero-emission technology with size-appropriate design to transform bus routes and provide inclusive and sustainable transport for cities and regional environments around the world.

Mellor’s Sigma range, one of Europe’s broadest ranges of fully electric, emission-free low-floor buses, goes through an accelerated whole-life durability testing programme at a world-class facility in the UK – UTAC Millbrook, maximising reliability and ensuring confidence in product durability and integrity.

The Sigma family offers one of the largest ranges of battery-electric buses from any manufacturer in Europe.

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