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Mellor introduces new calculator tool for operators

Mellor has announced a new web-based calculating tool which provides complete cost of ownership analysis for operators.

The calculator compares the total cost of ownership of a Mellor Strata with those of larger single deck vehicles. It can be easily accessed by going to and the operator simply inputs their annual mileage and fuel costs, along with their fleet size and the calculator will provide a total cost comparison showing the savings that can be achieved with a Strata. John Randerson, managing director for Mellor, said:
“This is a really simple to use but highly effective tool for bus operators who are unsure about, or wouldn’t usually consider running a Strata in their fleet. The bus has much to offer in terms of passenger comfort, safety and flexibility, and now operators can see for themselves the kind of savings they can expect – I think the figures are quite astounding.”

>>Try it here<<

The calculator provides figures which are based upon 12 years of operation and include purchase, maintenance, servicing costs and BSOG rebates. A fuel costs increase of 2.5% per year is also included.
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