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DFT funded Orion for Mablethorpe Christian Fellowship

Mablethorpe Christian Fellowship is an active community based Church serving Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea and the surrounding areas. They recently purchased a Mellor Orion low floor after qualifying for the Department of Transport Community Transport Minibus Fund.

The Mellor Orion’s versatility makes it the ideal vehicle to serve the whole community regardless of age or mobility. Mablethorpe Christian Fellowships Orion has capacity for up to 16 passengers and 4 wheelchairs with low floor allowing easy wheelchair access via a front access ramp and double rear doors with a 2.5m long fold out ramp to rear.

David Smith commented:

“It’s been an eventful day. The new community bus had its final inspection on Mellor Coachcraft’s production line in Rochdale and everyone commented how good it looked. The official handover of the keys was made by Mark Royle of Mellor to Mablethorpe Christian Fellowship’s David Smith then it was time to head back to Mablethorpe. The heavens threw every type of weather from sun to snow; torrential rain and gale force winds but the bus took it all in its stride.”

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