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Blackpool Council Delivery

Mellor has supplied Blackpool Council with an accessible coach built vehicle based on the IVECO 50C-15, 4.35m wheelbase in metallic silver. The vehicle features a sloping floor, Eberspacher heater, Vancouver air conditioning unit ducted down the offside with a Turin system mounted at the rear, power operated single leaf glider door, two emergency escape roof vents, bonded saloon windows. For an environmentally friendly feature, Mellor have fitted a PLS Powermatic access G-wise tail lift. This lift is built with   ‘regenerated’ plastics, more environmentally friendly materials, locally sourced components, using biodegradable oil and has an overall weight saving of 15%. The vehicle fits 16 Rescroft Defender III seats using the Unwin HAL mechanism and can accommodate up to 6 wheelchairs.

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