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5 Bus and Coach Products of the Future

5 future bus and coach products in one image

Every year, automotive manufacturers introduce new models to their range featuring various innovative or advanced optional extras. From stop/start engines and built-in night vision to automatic braking systems and sensors that learn your driving style, these high-tech additions make driving much cheaper, easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

But busses and coaches are no different. In order to keep costs down for operators, make routine tasks more straightforward, keep passengers protected from harm and enhance the overall driving experience, new features are constantly being designed, developed, and introduced. But what products can we expect to see in the not too distant future?

1. Lazzerini Ethos seats

lazzerini ethos seats

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Bus and coach seats built for comfort and safety tend to be rather heavy, which can have a significant impact on the vehicle’s economy. However, Lazzerini claims to have solved this problem with its “ultra efficient and highly innovative new seat,” which “represents a new travel experience and ensures greater passenger comfort.”

Although incredibly thin and light thanks to weight efficient materials, a high level of comfort is achieved through an innovative SAE (Self Adaptive Ergonomy) system where the upholstery moulds to the specific profile of each passenger. Due to the ultra slim seat profile, passengers benefit from more knee and legroom too.

Fast disassembly also allows for easy maintenance, while recyclability has been designed into the product’s concept and materials.

2. Groeneveld Oilmaster

groenevleld oilmaster

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In order to ensure their vehicles keep running smoothly and don’t breakdown, bus and coach operators need to check oil levels manually on a regular basis. However, Groeneveld has developed a product that automatically monitors oil levels and adds more when necessary.

Along with the peace of mind that your vehicles always have enough oil, the Oilmaster also facilitates reduced maintenance costs and usage, decreased oil consumption, less downtime, consistent oil quality, and lower environmental impact.

“The primary benefit that Oilmaster provides to drivers is additional convenience,” notes Groeneveld. “Adding oil while on the road – something that always leads to dirty hands at inconvenient moments – is definitely a thing of the past.”

3. Vogelsang RoadPump

The RoadPump coach toilet drop system from Vogelsang

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Disposing of wastewater from an on-board toilet has the potential to be hazardous to your health. But Vogelsang’s RoadPump, this duty can be carried out in a safe, controlled, and clean manner.

Essentially, the RoadPump is an extraction station for bathroom and toilet wastewater and designed to be used at bus depots or even rest stops. It uses a vacuum system to suction off wastewater and hygienically disposes of it in a connected sewer system or tank.

According to Vogelsang, the design of RoadPump means “it prevents contamination of the road” and is “easy to handle because it can be operated without difficulty by any bus driver or station employee.”

4. Schnierle Rollibox

Rollibox concept for coach from Schnierle Seating Systems

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Modified or specialist busses and coaches provide disabled and elderly people with an essential mode of transport to get around and lead a normal life. Even so, Schnierle believes its RolliBox system can transport able-bodied passengers as well as those in wheel chairs in a comfortable, safe, and professional way.

Foldout support arms and restraint straps can keep a wheelchair in place during transit, while a regular 3-point seatbelt ensures the passenger remains protected. Rails on the floor mean standard seats can be removed or relocated according to passenger requirements too.

“Due to the flexibility of the system, the carrier is always able to react to the respective situation and has the maximum number of seats or wheelchair restraint systems on board all the time,” notes Schnierle.

5. Eberspaecher Suetrak AC 230

Eberspächer Sütrak AC230 air conditioning unit with heat pump

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Unless air conditioning is fitted to your bus or coach and vents run throughout the vehicle, chances are passengers will get extremely hot in warm weather and very cold in in wintery conditions.

But Eberspaecher Suetrak’s rooftop AC 230 air-conditioning unit attempts to solve this problem, as it also features an innovative heat pump. What’s more, it promises to provide the ultimate in efficiency and climate control with or without fresh or exhaust air.

“Thanks to the numerous damper positions, we can implement all operating states within one system without extra effort”, reveals Director of Research and Development Jens Nies.

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